Finally an end to breathing stops

A spontaneous phone call in our practice

In a spontaneous telephone conversation with our practice, the 80 year old former farmer Karl Kaub from Büren-Brenken told us about his consistently positive experiences with FaceFormer Therapy.

CPAP device was very uncomfortable

I ordered the Face-Former in 2002. At that time I was 66 years old and had a CPAP device. It had a lot of accessories, e.g. humidifier, special mask etc., but I still had problems using it. I had a constant cold, my nose was running and night-time application was extremely uncomfortable.

No more stressful breathing stops after four weeks

After I got the FaceFormer, I practiced intensively with it, exactly as it is written in the manual. After only 14 days my wife told me that she could no longer detect snoring at night and after another 4 weeks I had the impression that even the stressful breathing stops no longer occurred.

After another 4 weeks I returned my CPAP device to the health insurance company because I couldn’t cope with it anyway. I have continued the FaceFormer training consistently. Since then, I no longer suffer from daytime tiredness, snoring and have no noticeable breathing problems.

At night I still use FaceFormer today for safety reasons. I also practice once more during the day, but only because I sing in different choirs and believe that my voice will stabilize and maintain itself through the training. The choirmasters have already been surprised that I can still sing difficult tenor passages. I am firmly convinced that this is a success of the FaceFormer Training.

My health is very good. I still cycle 2500 km a year and I do some kind of sports every day. Despite regular use, I have only bought a FaceFormer twice since 2002. I would like to thank you very much for the fact that you were able to help me so successfully.

I also agree if you give my name, address and telephone number*. Maybe I can give good advice to other affected people.

Karl Kaup,

*For data protection reasons we do not publish any addresses or telephone numbers here. If you would like to talk to Mr. Kaub about his experiences, please send us an e-mail. We will gladly forward the contact.