Can the FaceFormer be worn together with a splint?

FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen



I have been using the Face Former for about 14 days now. Now I enter the night mode. Since I am a CMD patient and wear a splint for the night, the question is whether both should be used at the same time, or whether the splint should be dispensed with?


If you have trained daily for 2 weeks, you will already notice positive effects. Nasal breathing and muscle coordination have optimized. It is likely that the FaceFormer will not stay in the oral vestibule all night when you start using it at night. You habitually want to breathe through your mouth and pull it out while you sleep. This is normal and after a few days the FaceFormer stays in place. You should no longer use your splint. It leads to irritations of the tongue movement and disturbs the correct posture of the tongue. Please keep the daily exercise program consistent, even if you are already feeling much better. The new postures and functions must be stabilized and automated. Only then will there be no more relapse.