Should the FaceFormer be cut to size?

FAQ - Antworten auf häufige Fragen



We would like to use the FaceFormer to improve mouth closure in a child with Down’s syndrome (7 years). Can the anatomically shaped FaceFormer also be cut to size? I think it’s too big for the little child.


The anatomical shaped FaceFormer mouth shield has a standardized size. As a rule, it does not have to be cut to size, but fits approx. 94% of users from the age of 2 up to high adulthood. Normally the FaceFormer anatomical will be the right one for almost every user. Additional adjustment is not necessary.

The special feature of this method is that during the exercises – and later habitually – a negative pressure forms in the mouth and throat area. The squeezing of the lip wedge is a function to activate muscle chain functions. Further important goals are the training of nasal breathing, the formation of negative pressure in the mouth and throat and the stimulation of cranial nerve functions. Success can only be achieved by coordinating all functional areas. If the mouth shield is adjusted too small by trimming, important functions cannot unfold their effect.