Why is it recommended to replace the FaceFormer after six months?

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It is recommended to replace the FaceFormer after 6 months. What is the reason for this?


As with everything else, the material is subject to a certain amount of wear. Especially during the pulling exercises high forces are generated which load the material of the FaceFormer. If the forces are added together, the pulling exercises on 180 days alone have an effect of approx. 1800 kg on the FaceFormer, which can also fatigue the high-quality siloprene from which the FaceFormer is made in the long term.

The second reason is the hygiene aspect, i.e. the same reason why you regularly exchange toothbrushes. This does not have to be as frequent as with a toothbrush, 6 months of regular use, including hours of nightly use, are however an argument for renewal.